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01/19/09 01:12 PM #1    


Dennis Lindsey

Welcome to the Shawnee Mission South High School Class Of 1978 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion. 

If you have any suggestions or recommendations on how to contact more graduates from our 1978 class, please email Dennis Lindsey at:

We hope to have a large turnout for our 40th Reunion in 2018!  

01/23/09 01:36 PM #2    


Dennis Lindsey

I have been telling everyone that we had 760 people in our graduating class, (but we show 733 on this website.)

01/23/09 09:09 PM #3    

Paul Gorelick

I believe you are correct about the 760

01/23/09 09:10 PM #4    

Paul Gorelick

Dennis, where do you get all this energy to do all this? We are grateful for your efforts.

01/24/09 08:51 AM #5    

Mary Madden (Haynes)

Wow - this is great. Thanks for all of your hard work pulling the class together through social networking! I don't get to many reunion things so it has been a great way to reconnect with folks from South. It has been a real test of my memory :)

01/24/09 04:57 PM #6    

Dan Torchia

Dennis -- I agree with Paul! Thanks for your efforts here and on Facebook. I'm really enjoying reconnecting with people.

01/24/09 09:31 PM #7    


Dennis Lindsey

Thanks for the kind comments, Paul, Mary, Dan, Al, & Christine.
Please get the word out about this website!
We only wish we would have done this sooner; before last year's reunion!
We plan on having even better things on this site in the near future, so check back often!

01/25/09 08:46 PM #8    

Albert Kuhl


Fabulous effort, keep up the great work!

01/26/09 04:05 PM #9    

Christine Luedtke (Bloise)

This site is great! I livein New York and this will make it easier to keep in touch with friends! Keep up the great work.

02/05/09 12:01 AM #10    

Cynthia Roderique

I'm really glad you posted the Senior pictures with our names. I wanted to request it. But didn't know how much effort it took. You are AWESOME!

02/09/09 10:28 AM #11    

Laura Hanson

Dennis -- I didn't see Kevin Oldham's name on the list. I know he died in the 1990s after an amazing early classical piano career in NYC. I recall reading in the KC paper about the Reverend Phelps protest at Kevin's funeral. Wasn't he in our graduating class?

Laura Hanson

02/14/09 09:10 AM #12    

Linda Rowe (Decker)

Hi all! Laura you are right about Kevin Oldham. Kevin passed away in 1993 after a short but notable music career. He was buried here in Kansas and unfortunately you are also right about the Phelps cult picketing his funeral.

02/16/09 05:37 PM #13    

Caroline Crouthers

Hey friends, thank you for your comments and Dennis, for working so very hard on this website!! we just had our 30th reunion, which was a blast, but are there things still in the works through the social directors of Dennis Lindsey and John Hammond for a "are we really all turning 50 this year?" party in 2009 or 2010? some of us, will be 50 in 2009, ugh....can't be ...tell me it's not so....but just wondered if there is anything being discussed....
also, Dennis, I love the music you added.
Reminds me of Banana's Disco.
Is anyone interested in hearing about our class members who have passed on? I know I was shocked at the number and the causes of their deaths. Truly makes me appreciate forums like this to stay connected, especially as we become "middle aged" and I did say "become". Signed young at heart, Caroline Crouthers

02/20/09 12:35 PM #14    


Dennis Lindsey

We will now list Kevin Oldham as a graduate from our class even though I think Kevin graduated from another High School, Shawnee Mission West.
I will also post his "obituary" for those that are interested.

03/04/09 05:47 AM #15    


Douglas Gray

hi dennis. thanks for establishing this web site, and all of the other persons that are helping you with this site.
keep up the good work. you are bringing a joy to all of us '78 class alumni:)

03/05/09 08:36 AM #16    


Mary Winston

Thanks for all your efforts in putting together this page. I haven't had the time to get on facebook but that is next. It is nice, even though I wasn't with the "in" crowd back in high school to see where everyone has been and plans to go. It is amazing how a few years changes everyone. Thanks again.

03/13/09 06:19 PM #17    

Jill Cundiff

Thank you everyone for all your work on getting this website up and working. It was so good to see everyone at the reunion. I am looking forward to our 50th birthday party celebration. Can you believe we are that old. Looking forward to seeing everyone next year. Thanks Dennis!

03/17/09 11:53 PM #18    

Laurie McBride

Hey Dennis - Thanks for all your hard work and everyone else for helping with this site....It's nice to know about everyone!! Can't believe we are all turning 50 so soon. Time really flies when your having fun.....

03/28/09 11:56 PM #19    

Arlene Penson (Merrick )

Dennis thank you very much for putting together this awesome website its great, your awesome for doing this, its great getting to chat with old class mates. take care and thanks again. arlene

03/29/09 12:38 PM #20    

Robin Leach

Hey Dennis, Hey everyone!! Thanks for the website! I visit it every now and then to see who's left comments & stuff. The 50th b-day party would be fun! Have a great day!!

04/15/09 11:19 PM #21    

Shayla Williams (Ashmore)

Hey Dennis, You're doing a great job here. I've connected with people I haven't seen in 30 years. Keep up the good work. Is there a class of '79 web site we can check out?

01/18/10 08:37 PM #22    

Leslie Gampper (Chalmers)

Just wanted to say Happy New Year and I wish you all the best for 2010. This is a big year for most of us!!!!
Take care
Leslie Gampper Chalmers

01/18/10 08:37 PM #23    

Leslie Gampper (Chalmers)

Just wanted to say Happy New Year and I wish you all the best for 2010. This is a big year for most of us!!!!
Take care
Leslie Gampper Chalmers

01/19/10 02:39 PM #24    

Kathy Gormley (Childers)

No kidding-the big 50!! At least we're all a young 50!

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